Monday, October 24, 2022

The seasons’ reasons


Oh! What a lovely day to go out and rejuvenate, 
And what a season to celebrate! 
Oh Spring, what a floral sight, 
I wish you were here day and night! 


Finally, Summer is here!! 
And what a season to cheer! 
Everyone loves the warm sunshine, 
Yet, everyone loves to sun bathe at this time! 
Summer is favourited around the globe, 
So, you are not alone! 


Hey, Fall! It is finally your time! 
Get into action, and it is time to shine! 
Once you jump into leaves, you will feel a sigh of relief, 
Come again, and NEVER leaf ! 


And, can you BELIEVE it, it’s WINTER!! 
Though, it comes and goes, it’s a sprinter! 
Believe it or not, it is the end of the year, 
So, it may be a bit harsh, not too severe!

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